"For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth" ~ Sanskrit Proverb



Through working with thousands of patients over many decades, Dr. Donald Epstein noticed that there are predictable patterns to the ways that people move and breathe at the precise moments they are suffering, having breakthroughs or experiencing expanded states of consciousness. Over the years, Epstein eventually categorized a dozen unique stages of healing, and he wrote a book titled The Twelve Stages of Healing to describe each of them in detail.


Somato Respiratory Integration(SRI) is the set of exercises to help people cultivate the skills to acknowledge and more easily move through these 12 Stages of Healing. The exercises help you use your breath, touch, focused movement and attention to experience your body with more awareness and presence. Through step by step processes, SRI helps you shift your state of consciousness and have more trust for your body and where you are in your life. Virtually anyone in physical pain, or who is goiing through an illness, divorce, depression, loss of a job or loved one can benefit profoundly from SRI, but SRI is not just for those who are suffering.


Most people find that regularly using SRI exercises helps them feel more grounded and present, as well as more energized, confident and creative; therefore we integrate SRI exercises into all of the various programs of care at

The Center For Holistic Health.

Somato Respiratory Integration