"A strong positive attitude creates more miracles than any wonder drug" ~ Patricia Neal

 A Few Words from our Clients 


"Dr. Helms' work has been a life changing event that serves as a major marker in my life. Here are a few of the changes I've experienced.


High blood pressure even on Meds                           

High triglycerides even on Meds                                 

Chronic neck and shoulder pain                                 

Never exercised on regular basis                              

Poor sleep, fatigue, irritability                                     


Normal blood pressure without Meds    

Normal triglycerides and cholesterol without Meds

Pain free, flexible neck and shoulder 

Joyfully and consistently exercising 5 days a week 

Sleeping well, Calm mood, Increased energy

      ~ B.D. Psychologist


"This work is a systematic approach to really understanding where the body holds tension on a very deep level and offers the body new ways to cope with the stress and unwind the tension. We can spend many years in psychotherapy or many thousands of dollars within our traditional health care system ( and i have been a nurse for 23 years, so i am familiar with the health care system) and we may never reach the level of wellness or healing that this work offers. Dr. Collier is a skilled and gifted practitioner and i am so grateful to have him in my and my family's life."

      ~ J.B. obstetrics nurse


"It is difficult to describe how big of an effect this work has had in my life. At first i was skeptical about the frequency of visits for certain people depending on their situation(2-3 times/wk for 6-8 weeks in my case) but i can sincerely say this was the best commitment i have ever made regarding my health. The profound level of stress reduction has manifest in every aspect of my life and has allowed me to experience a joy that i had never felt before. This in turn has healed an eating disorder that had plagued my life for years. This was an incredibly personal issue and the healing was something i never would have anticipated considering i had come to the office seeking help with TMJ and chronic neck pain which have also completely resolved. This work is priceless. I am so grateful and recommend this work to everyone i know.

     C.C. hospital administrator


"The physical benefits have been astounding. After seventeen years of dealing with the habit, I have stopped smoking. Severe gastrointestinal problems have completely disappeared. I can truly say I feel the best I ever have."         

      ~ T.C. computer programmer


"I had initially come to the Center looking for relief from troubling bouts of insomnia. Within one month, i was off all medication, and the benefits did not stop there. I have had a remarkable release from bouts of anxiety and a newfound level of energy. I have rediscovered a happiness that had been missing in my life."

      ~ K.B. expecting mother


"Network has been wonderful for me. It has helped my asthma tremendously. But more than that, things that used to upset me, don't have the same impact they once did. I am a happier and more content person and that affects my family."

     ~ P.S. event coordinator


"Since coming to the center, my migraines and associated back pains have all but disappeared. As a person who came into this skeptical, i would say it has been the most effective treatment I have had for these problems. I leave feeling centered and pain free."

     ~ L.G. business owner


"Before coming to the Center for Holistic Health, I would allow stress to build up to the point where it would almost consume me. However, after about 6 weeks of treatments, my body has learned to dissipate this tension on a level that is hard to quantify other than saying that it has changed my life and the relationships in them, including work. Mentally i have made a huge jump from looking at the negative side of things to understanding the positive aspects of situations and experiences. Many times i had stayed in relationships  because i was afraid of being alone or financial loss, and it was only after receiving care that I came to a deep and trusted realization that i wasn't opening the door wide enough to allow for positive forces to come into my life. My diet has changed dramatically and the comfort foods i used to feel temporary satisfaction have now been replaced with a deep level of self worth and value. If you are considering beginning treatment, i can truly say, plain and simply, just do it and see for yourself how powerful this work is."

      ~ T.H. advertiser 


"This work is so simple! Notice I did not say easy because it can sometimes be very difficult work. For someone new to NSA, the easiest way for me to relate what this work is about is  to say that it re-educates your brain how to communicate with your body. NSA helps get rid of old garbage whether it is emotional or physical. Many of us have stuffed things in life deep inside and have been hauling stress and tension around for years. Basically, this work teaches your brain how to get out of its own way and just let the nervous sytem process and eliminate deep seeded neurological tension. We have to survive in the rat race but we don't have to live in it. To anyone beginning this journey, Congratulations!"

      ~ P.S. caregiver


"A friend of mine recommended Dr. Collier because i was suffering from debilitating headaches that were occurring 2-3 days a week and were increasing in both occurrence and severity with some lasting all day into the next. I had tried all sorts of medications and nothing was able to cure these headaches. When i came into the office i was currently on Excedrin Migraine even though I didn't have all the characteristic symptoms of migraines. Now, all that has changed. I have been receiving NSA treatments for two months now and over the last two weeks, I have not had a single headache. NSA has been a true blessing in my life. I feel as though a prisoner just released from jail. I thank you for your presence in my life and your committment to aid others in self-healing."

      ~ J.M. magazine editor


" I want to thank you for encouraging me to continue with NSA. I have continued my sessions twice a week and the benefits continue to add up. For starters, my sleep patterns have completely regulated. My insomnia is gone. There is a deep sense of ease about so many things that used to bother me. Since starting care, I have also been making many wise health choices for myself. I have finally quit drinking caffeine daily..a practice I have tried to give up for two years and have now been able to do it effortlessly. There is a natural desire to incorporate some form of exercise in my daily life, and i have been doing it with pleasure. Lately, I have been experiencing what I can only describe as an opening of the heart where I have a heightened gratitude for people and things in my life. I would encourage anyone who is interested in improving their physical and mental well-being to give NSA a try for at least 3-4 months. My guess is that they too will be impressed and will develop the desire to continue this amazing art form."

      ~K.K. retired business owner


"I first went to Dr Collier after previously being diagnosed with a benign lesion on my thymus gland. I already had a diagnosis of COPD(chronic obstuctive pulmonary disease) and generally felt that life offered very little other than pain. The changes in my life have been a miracle. After 1 year of having to take an oxygen tank with me most places I went, I am astounded to say that I have been able to leave it at home for the last month. My shortness of breath has improved to the point that so much that i am also happy to say that a lot of my harassing anxiety has gone away. What I have found at the Center is a place of love and caring, a philosophy that we are meant to be well. That love is contagious. It has passed from Collier on to me and most thankfully on to my son who I have been estranged from for years. We saw each other for the first time in five years at the end of last month. The peace that has brought into my life has been a miracle. I am now OK with how my life turns out and am considerably less fearful. I am so grateful to you."

      ~ C.B. retired teacher


"My focus on life has gotten wider and wider. My life is fuller, and for the first time in years, I have become accepting of myself. I have made numerous, healthy lifestyle changes ranging from diet and exercise to sleep patterns and spending habits. I am now able to accept much of life for the way it is, knowing I can change and move onto better things no matter how difficult life may presently be. Having been mired in a dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship for seven years, I was finally able to break free from the fear of abandonment and had the strength to leave. I have a new lease on life. NSA is very powerful. It definitely infuses harmony with the mind, body and spirit. Life is worth changing for the better. Why be miserable?'"

     ~ M.R. restaurant chef


"What has this experience been like? Little marks on paper are inadequate in relating any body-mind experience, much less one that has had such a profound impact on my life. I have moved from being swept away by negativity to being swept away by positive forces in my life. There are many changes regarding the disapperance of aches and pains to increased focus and energy to a much needed decrease in anxiety and tension at work, but the most treasured result of this work has been the renewed love and communication within my family. If I were to summarize what this experience has been so far, I would close my eyes, breath gently, feel gratitude and smile."

      ~ J.M. high school guidance counselor


"Walking into the Center for Holistic Health was an amazing experience. I came to Dr. Collier with a broken body, mind and spirit. I suffered from severe muscle and joint pain with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, asthma, and upper respiratory infections. My thought processes were scattered and making decisions about normal daily things were so difficult. And knowing that I had four young children to care for and who depended on me, helped me to seek help. Traditional medicine had left me with large doses of medications and expenses with little relief. Words cannot explain what has happened to me except to say that it has changed my life. When my friends and family began to comment that i seemed different now, that i seemed happier and more energetic, I knew it was not all in my head. I feel more grounded and am able to cope well with things that used to bring despair and hopelessness. I now have direction in my life and the power to make life changing decisions. It just amazes me. It's as though the world around me continues to go on, but I am now a part of it. Above all else, my family has gotten me back. I will never be able to repay Dr. Collier for all he has done for me. I am just grateful that I was able to experience his passion and healing. And if by some chance these words can encourage another to make the commitment to get well, then I will have accomplished my desire to pass it on. You can find the answers here. 

      ~ L.R. homemaker


"I have been a patient of Dr. Collier for the past eight weeks. I have been receiving treatments three times a week that last anywhere from 25-35 minutes. I would like to say that I have had little experience with non traditional medicine but I can say that i did approach this therapy with an open mind. My experience has been eye opening. The stress reduction is dramatic. My mood has gone from practically intolerable for my wife to now being pleasant and most remarkably, a joy to be around. Physically, I have been suffering from two herniated discs  in my neck. Ten years ago, I chose surgery to fix a ruptured disc that I also had in my neck. Over the past three years, I have twice been very close to choosing disc removal and cervical vertebral fusion to relieve the constant pain. I am practically at a loss for words describing the relief I have experienced from this pain. I now have long stretches of time during the week with no pain at all and when it does surface, the severity has diminished greatly. For anyone starting therapy at the Center, I would recommend that you give yourself permission and the time to try new things and to trust the process. You may also find that the physical journey you take will also lend itself to a spiritual journey of self discovery and peacefulness."

      ~ J.B. counselor


"I was referred to Dr. Collier by one of my medical doctors. It has truly been the best prescription I have ever had. He has helped me completely change my life. I was severely depressed when I first started NSA. I am now FREE! I have been able to move through significant pain and trauma. Dr. Collier has taken a lot of time to help get me where I am today. He never gave up on me or let me give up on myself. This work will give life to those who are willing to go through the process. Dr. Collier cares! In my medical adventures, he has been my biggest supporter I have ever had. There are just not enough words to use to explain what a change in my life this work has made. With my greatest respect and Love..

      ~ R.S. teacher


"If you had asked me five months ago about this type of work, I would have given a quizzical and cynical look and assumed you were some New Age nut. But through a traumatic life event that threatened to demolish my world, I was recommended to the Center for Holistic Health. I have learned that trauma can be transformational. Dr. Collier has created a calm, safe, and positive place to come and work through incredible pain and let it go. His work is extraordinary. I don't know how he is able to remain in the present and be with someone in great pain, but he is steadfast and caring and committed to helping one heal. What a remarkable tool, the breath. When used in conjunction with NSA, transformation is possible. It can strengthen the core of your being and release the trauma of difficult life events. I have experienced it. I would not have believed it five months ago. The Center is a marvellous resource for those wishing to be healed and willing to work at it."

      ~R.R. systems analyst


"The stress in my neck and shoulders has disappeared, and my overall sense of balance and well-being is indescribable-things that used to drive me crazy and anger me just dont seem to bother me anymore."

      ~ J.C. business owner


"I am much more aware of my body and its needs. I am more productive in my work and more engaged in my personal life. I notice small shifts occurring each day which are having a profound effect on my overall quality of life."

      ~ C.F. business consultant